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Activate HQ is the online platform custom-built for social media influencer campaigns. Our team, and the services we offer, have been part of some of the biggest campaigns in recent memory. Whether a brand, cause or campaign, your supporters and influencers are active online. Activate HQ makes it simple to recruit, organize and activate them to strengthen your brand, build movements, win votes and make a difference.

We provide more than just technology. Good tools are worth it only when you know how to best use them. At Activate, we’re thinkers and doers with hands-on, sleeves-rolled-up experience. Our team, and the services we offer below, are here to help you make smart decisions, driven by data, right out of the gate.


Nothing reaches an audience with more impact or is a better return on marketing dollars spent than a well-executed social media influencer campaign. This is our speciality. Activate’s online platform is engineered to help you win the battle for hearts, minds, dollars and clicks.


Effectively managing a deep and wide influencer campaign requires smart tools. Our technology reveals data and detail in real time and lets you toggle between multiple views — from ground level up to 30,000 feet. Great campaigns get top performance out of their influencers. We know how to help you get it done.  


An influencer campaign is a collaboration. You provide assets and direction and they create content that followers respond to. (They’re called influencers for a reason.) This can get complex—unless you’re using the features already built into Activate HQ.


It moves fast out there and this battle is being waged on muddy turf—but, we have a history of notching wins with the biggest brands and campaigns.


We’re strategists and worker bees. We work on big and small projects. We manage campaigns that are national in scope and local ones that affect your neighborhood. We work on movements that have been around for decades and ones that are just starting. Our team has helped elect presidents, worked with rock stars, advised global brands and built campaigns for causes that have changed the culture.


Our team is just that — a team. Not a group of individuals. We’re the sum of our parts. We work together — everyone doing whatever it takes — to help our clients achieve their goals, get around an obstacle (or two), tell their story, and mobilize their advocates. We like to make a difference. And we like to have fun. After all, what’s better than making change? Having a blast while doing it — that’s what. If you want a team of people by your side who’s smart, innovative and experienced, we'd love to hear from you. 


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